The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery

14 min.
A wedding photographer rewrites the past to suit the present by laboriously hand-altering his client's photographs.  

Written & Directed by
Jeffrey Zablotny

Based on a Short Story by
Katherine Govier

Festival Screenings

Austin Film Festival (Austin, TX)
Narrative Short Film Finalist
‘The Way Things Were’ Shorts Programme

Short Shorts Film Festival Asia 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)
International Programme 4

Toronto Shorts International Film Festival (Toronto, ON)
Award: Best Canadian Short
Shorts Programme 3

Rochester International Film Festival (Rochester, NY)
Shorts Programme 4

Rhode Island International Film Festival (Providence, RI)
‘Those Were The Days’ Shorts Programme

Produced by
Elli Weisbaum

Co-produced by
Taylor Bateman

Marcello Castiglioni, Marina Portnoff, Jordan Todosey, Rosalba Martinni, Fernando Curcione, Gabriella Colavecchio, Chris Gibbs.